15 August 2013

B.I.F. - Bug In Flight

I think BIF originally means Bird In Flight, to capture a flying bird on photo. But catching a flying bug is just as difficult. Probably dragonflies are worst followed by butterflies. But the summer is already so late here that they are rare...so I'm practicing on hover flies.
Getting the bug inside the image frame and relatively sharp is difficult in itself. Then one have to plan composition and keep an eye on the background, preferably giving it a smooth bokeh in colors that contrast against the bug.
These images are taken with the Sigma 180mm macro and Pentax macro flash. For each shot I have of course erased many with the bug outside the DOF or even outside the image frame...but I am getting better.

12 August 2013

Metalic green fly

Most flies here are just black and boring, but sometimes I find these more photogenetic ones.

10 August 2013

If you were a 2 mm bug

If you were a bug just 2mm large, even a tiny flower is a whole world. I recon it is good to be a bit bigger than this. Yet, if it would fall from the flower, it would still survive. I would not survive a proportional fall. On the other hand, there are less things out there that may eat me...

Playing with a new macro lens in my own garden. Before it started to rain.