8 August 2012

In the corner of life

In the corner of Queen street and the Sergel square of central Stockholm. This time of the year it is a busy area full of tourists. There she sat in the shadow. A tired tourist? Maybe. But she had a cup in front of her like the other beggars, but no sign. Something in her expression made me feel I couldn't ask her, made me feel she wanted no questions. The sad look on her face was in contrast to all the tourists who ran back and forth, busy with their lives. Some youngsters performed with their music on the square behind her. Sunshine, holiday, ice cream, shopping Russians, groups of Chinese tourists, Japanese tourists with EVIL cameras, Germans with viking helmets in velor, a screaming kid that had dropped his ice cream...and above all a seagull scouting for a sausage someone dropped. Somehow, she probably had more in common with the seagull than with all the rest.

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