20 August 2012


I'm a beginner when it comes to stacking images for increased DOF, but here is an attempt based on several shots of a dragonfly that landed on our sawhorse yesterday. Afterwards I saw that either the wings or the head where out of focus. In the stacked image, there is only one wing tip that is completely out of focus, though the right wing isn't absolutely sharp. I think it might be worth learning how to stack images. Edit: I should add that the software I used is Alan Hadley's CombineZM. But I have only begun scrapping on the surface of what that software can do.

9 August 2012

My new APS-C normal lense...

This is of course completely crazy, and I didn't buy it to use it on a APS-C size DSLR, but I thought it was quite funny that the Fish-Eye-Takumar 6x7 1:4.5 35mm is just a very heavy (almost one kg without the adapter) normal lens on my DSLRs. It is an impressive lens, 11 lens elements in 7 groups with four built in filters and a front diameter of about 80mm, which covers 180 degrees on the 6x7 format.

8 August 2012

In the corner of life

In the corner of Queen street and the Sergel square of central Stockholm. This time of the year it is a busy area full of tourists. There she sat in the shadow. A tired tourist? Maybe. But she had a cup in front of her like the other beggars, but no sign. Something in her expression made me feel I couldn't ask her, made me feel she wanted no questions. The sad look on her face was in contrast to all the tourists who ran back and forth, busy with their lives. Some youngsters performed with their music on the square behind her. Sunshine, holiday, ice cream, shopping Russians, groups of Chinese tourists, Japanese tourists with EVIL cameras, Germans with viking helmets in velor, a screaming kid that had dropped his ice cream...and above all a seagull scouting for a sausage someone dropped. Somehow, she probably had more in common with the seagull than with all the rest.

3 August 2012

No, I'm not robbing him

No, I'm not robbing him. He just lifted his arms as part of an animated lively discussion with the fellow next to him, and I got the shot. Nice to see some people still communicate in the analog way.
This is from my last trip to Copenhagen for work, spending my spare time in the evenings street shooting. What you obviously see is that I've played around adding false film grain to the structure. I've tried to imitate the Kodak Tri-X. If you are old enough to remember that film, what do you think? Do I get anywhere close?

2 August 2012

Communicating 21st century style

Communicating. We do it more and more over tiny little machines originally only meant to talk in over distance. Now we one-way-communicate like reading news, watching television, listening to music and radio, as well as (more or less) two-way-communicating like texting, chating, skyping, blogging, face-booking and keeping track of all our real or less real friends in the ether. Will old style intake of information like reading a book, or old style communicating like talking face to face with someone get more and more into the background, replaced by the new habits? At least in this picture it looks like it. Recently shot outside the photographic museum in Stockholm.