Camera and lens resources on www

General resources:


Stephen Gandy's Camera Quest

Rick Oleson's pages

Camera mounts:

Markerink's Alphabetical list

By register distance


From the video/movie perspective

Grouped by format + adapter list

Rick Oleson's photos of different mounts

Pentax specific:

Dimitrovs fantastic K mount page

Stans Pentax site

Alex's galery 

Pentax portrait lenses

Pentax 85mm lens shoot out

Pentax vs Canon 85mm

The Pentax collectors homepage

Asahi optical historical club

K mount on wikipedia

The Pentax lens gallery

Starks Pentax site (some resolution tests)

Pentax 50mm resolution tests

Carpenters normal lens shoot out

Yoshihikos Pentax site (many Pentax lens tests)

Pentax FAQ (a bit outdated)

Pentax big glass comparison

Complete (?) Pentax lens list

Pentax user (UK)

Kalle Pahajoki's blog (explains some confusion and kills some rumors on Pentax/Tokina/Tamron/Samsung relationships)

Pentax LX

Die Cast: Takumar lenses, lens designs and much more

Praktica, Pentacon, Zeiss Jena etc.:

Franco's Praktica pages

DKL systems and lenses:

Kodak Retina (rangefinder, changeable lenses)

Captain Jack's Kodak Retina Rangefinder Lenses

Camera and lens service:

Nanites camera service (Pentax K and KA lenses)

Eric's Pentax camera service

3rd party lenses:

Tamron Adaptall 2

Other brands with K mount

3rd party lens resource megasite (often down, try again, loads of useful info)

Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm macro zoom versions

Various brands and systems:

Agfa Ambi Silent (rangefinder, changeable lenses)

Zeiss/Hasselblad lenses

Alfred Klomp's camera pages (Russian lenses)

History and the photo industry:

The Japanese photo history (and from the 1950's this more or less equal world history) 

Blogging resources:




Alan Hadleys stacking software CombineZP/M/5 

Zerene Stacker 

PtGui panorama stitcher

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