26 June 2013

The hare and the sea (Haren och Havet)

The hare looked at the sea:
that blue flat is so large,
I can not eat it,
I can not drink it,
I can not run on it.
What is it for?

3 June 2013


With the crop factor this is more like carrying a 135mm lens, so it is a little bit long for portrait, but can be used as such, and for street shooting this is a great focal length. None of these shots are wide open however, I will have to come back to that.

Early morning in the University city of Lund, Sweden.

A man and his pipe...

2 June 2013

Konica Hexanon AR 24mm f2.8 on the Samsung NX20

Not surprisingly this turned out to be the most easily used street lens, as it corresponds to about 35mm focal length on a 24x36mm film camera, and comes with a deep depth of focus. I mostly put it to f8 or f11 and set the focus distance to 2m and everything between 1m and infinity should be sharp. Having read the camera manual on the train and discovered that I should be able to shoot in aperture priority, the combination now turned out to be a good snap-shooting camera. Of course, this isn't real "aperture priority", since I'm meeting closed down, but on the other hand, the electronic view finder does not go dark as the optical viewfinder does in a similar situation (like when shooting with m42 lenses on a Pentax DSLR). That is one point to the EVIL Samsung relative to the DSLR Pentaxes (or any DSLR actually). Here are now some examples from central Lund (old University city in southern Sweden):

"I should have brought the manual!"
When shooting from the hip I occasionally missed the image stabilization of Pentax DSLRs. Here is an example of slight motion blur. Can't understand why Samsung didn't go for an in-body image stabilization for the NX cameras. Couldn't they just have bought patents from Pentax or Olympus?