6 May 2016

Where to begin...

Searched through the shelves and cabinets today to gather all my full frame Pentax lenses with autofocus. Its logical to begin there. And the manual focus lenses are so many more. The picture collect all of them except for some Pentax-F lenses, and the Sigma lenses. So it is mostly FA lenses, except for the F fisheye zoom, my only FAJ and the DFA 100mm macro. Missing is also the DA 50mm...that should be a full frame despite the "DA". The K-1 is accompanied by my two best autofocus film boddies, the Z-1 and the MZ-S. So its a fully full frame team.

I've taken some first shots with about a third of the lenses today and yesterday. No formal tests yet...just shooting to get a feeling for the camera. Generally, the autofucus is very fast. It must be the largest step in autofocus speed since between the K-7 and the K-5 (going from K-3 to K-1). The camera is also a very fast shooter. Easilly end up shooting several more shots than intended when I press the shutter. Must learn to avoid that, considering the picture size, or I will ruin my self on the back up HDs. Must try some BIF with the K-1....and DIF (Dragonfly in flight).

It is wonder to see again how wide the lenses really are. Even 28mm is again a wide angle. The FA 20-35mm, and the FAJ 18-35mm gives vertigo in the short end. The normals are again normals, not portrait lenses. But I've kept shooting enough 35mm film to not have forgotten. The strange swiwel view screen comes out really handy for macro...and also for street shots! If the construction hold for field work, it can turn out a genious move by the designers. I'm trying to get used to the new third wheel....and trying to figure out the fast way between auto and manual ISO. Probably I should read the manual. ;)

Just a short on my Sigma lenses, since some have reported problems with Sigma lenses on the K-1. This is probably due to Sigmas habit of backward-engineer the communication scheme etc to each brand, and their habit of giving several different lenses the same model ID. But my copies of the Sigma 20mm f1.8 and the Sigma 180mm f3.5 macro 1:1 focus very well on the K-1. So do my ancient Sigma AF 400mm f5.6.

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