5 May 2009


We spent a fantastic weekend with my parents in law. Down there in south-western Sweden spring had come a bit further than here in Stockholm. Many trees, especially the birches, had just got tiny little leafes that were shining in a light green color. While driving down I realised that it gives the landscape a character similar to that in the autumn when the leafes go yellow. The contrast between the coniferous and deciduous portions of the forest are larger than in the middle of the summar season.

One of the days we took a hike to a lake nearby. It is actually an artificial lake created to get a drinking water storage for the area, and it is called "Storsjön", which translated to "great lake", not to be confused with the bigger namesake in norther Sweden. Despite being artificial, it is a nice hiking area with mixed forest on the beaches , some cliffs and a few islands. Good canoeing area.
After a good lunch, while the kids were playng in the water, I rested on the blanket we braught, looking up into the canopy of fresh yellow-green leafes ahead of me against a brilliantly blue sky I realised that this made a nice motive and got the camera.

All pictures are taken with the SMC Pentax-DA 35mm f2.8 macro ltd lens on the K20D, except for one taken with the SMC Pentax-DA 10-17mm fisheye, and the wood anemone that was taken with the Tamron adaptal 2 SP 90mm f2.5 on the 2x convereter (making it a 180mm f5 1:1 macro lens). For the anemone I also used the AF240Z flash on a macro flash adapter.